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Our team is dedicated to providing every customer with upfront, competitive rental rates, an opportunity to own equipment at a fair price, and an excellent experience every time.

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Our Vision

Diamondback Equity Model

The Diamondback team believes that every customer should build equity in longer-term rentals. Every customer should have the opportunity to purchase the equipment which is rented for an extended period of time. The purchase price should take into account the rental expenditures accrued over the life of the rental.

Unlike Diamondback, most national and local rental companies will not automatically set up longer-term rental transactions with a purchase option. No company wants to pay rent on equipment for 2-3-4 years and then be charged full retail purchase price for the equipment.

The Diamondback Equity Model will provide the customer with competitive rental rates along with an aggressive buy-out option for all longer-term rentals.

Specialized Equipment

Specialized equipment can sometimes be difficult to find in a rental fleet. Diamondback works with numerous specialized equipment manufacturers and can provide many options.