All Equipment

Aerial Equipment

19' Scissor Lift

Genie GS1930

Battery Powered. 500 lb capacity. 25 ft max working height.

26' Scissor Lift

JLG ES2632

Electric Scissor Lift, Platform Height: 25 ft 6 in. Platform Capacity: 507 lb, Machine Width: 2 ft 8 in. Drive Speed – Platform Lowered: 3 mph

Towable Boom Lift

Genie TZ-34/20

Battery Powered. 500 lb capacity. 40ft max working height.

Towable Boom Lift

Genie TZ-50

Battery Powered. 500 lb capacity. 55ft 6 in max working height.

Air Compressor And Tools

Towable Compressor

Allmand 185 CFM

Diesel Powered. 115 Max working PSI. 185 SCFM. Trailer mounted.

90# Pavement Breaker

MBT 90# Pavment Breaker

1200 BPM. 91 lbs.

60# Pavement Breaker

MPT 60# Pavement Breaker

1400 BPM. 66 lbs.

Chipping Hammer

MPT Chipping Hammer

2100 BPM. 18.5 lbs

Rivet Buster

Rivet Buster

Clay Digger

Clay Digger

Air Hose

Air Hose

50′, 3/4″

Concrete And Masonry

Electric Breaker

Bosch Brute BH2760VC

35 Ft lbs Impact Energy. Cart mounted. Point and Flat chisels.

Mortar Mixer

TK MM10 Mortar Mixer

9.5 cubic ft Steel drum. 8hp Honda Engine.

Concrete Mixer

TK CM9 Concrete Mixer

8 cubic ft Steel Drum. 8hp Honda Engine.


Ride on Double Drum Roller

Wacker RD12, 1.5 ton, DD Roller, 36″

35.4′ Double Drum. 1.2 tons. Vibratory front drum.

Plate Compactor

Wacker WP1550, 200lb

19.6″x22.8″ base plate. Gas powered. 196 lbs.


Wacker BS60-4

159 lbs. 11″x13.4″ shoe size. Gas powered.


Mini Excavator, 3500-4000 lbs

John Deere 17G

3790 lb operating weight. 7’2″ max dig depth. 12’6″ max dig reach.

Mini Excavator, 6000-7000 lbs

John Deere 26G

6110 lb operating weight. 8’6″ max dig depth. 15’2″ max dig reach.

Mini Excavator, 8000-9000 lbs

John Deere 35G

8135 lb operating weight. 10′ max dig depth. 17’1″ max dig reach.

Mini Excavator, 10000-11000 lbs

John Deere 50G

10847 lb operating weight. 11’7″ max dig depth. 19’7″ max dig reach.

Track Loader, 8000-9000 lbs

John Deere 317G

8423 lb operating weight. 10’1″ Lift height. 2125 lb rated operating capacity.



Deere PA30, 317G and 35G

36″ max bit diameter. 6 gpm min. hydraulic flow. 17 gpm max hydraulic flow.

Grapple Bucket

Deere 72″, 317G

72″ width. 1110 lbs.

Fork Attachment

Deere, 317G


Telehandler, 5000lbs

Genie GTH-5519

5500 lb max lift capacity. 18’10” max height. 11’3″ forward reach.

Telehandler, 8000lbs

Gehl RS8-42

8000 lb max lift capacity. 42′ max lift height. 28′ max forward reach.

Lawn and Landscape

Log Splitter

Iron & Oak 24 Ton Horizontal/Vertical

Honda gas engine. 24 ton splitting force. 675 lbs.

Stump Grinder

Barreto 30SG

Self propelled on tracks. 19.2″ cutting wheel. Hydraulically driven.


Ditch Witch C16x

36″ depth and 6″ width cut. Self propelled on tracks. 35.8″ track width.

Mini Skid Loaders

Ditch Witch SK600

25 hp Diesel. 600 lb operating capacity. 33.5″ width.

Mini Skid Loaders​

Ditch Witch SK800

25 hp Diesel. 911 lb operating capacity. 42″ max width.

Light Towers and Generators

Towable Light Tower, Diesel

Allmand NLV Series, Vertical

1250 watt metal halide lights. 23′ vertical mast height. 7kW Generator.

Towable Light Tower, Diesel

Generac MLT6S, Vertical

1100 watt metal halide lights. 23′ Vertical mast height. 6kW Generator.

Towable Light Tower, Diesel

Allmand Maxi-Lite II 15kW

LED bulbs. 27′ vertical mast height. 15kW Generator.

Diesel Generator

Allmand Maxi-Power 25

Isuzu diesel engine. 25kW Prime Power. Trailer Mounted.

Gas Generator

Yamaha EF5500DE/D

5500W Max Output. 4500W Rated Output. 245 lbs.

Gas Generator

Yamaha EF6300iSDE

6300W Max Output. 5500W Rated Output. 200lbs.


2" Trash Pump

Tsurumi EPT3 Series

2″ suction/discharge. Honda gas engine. 82 lbs.

3" Trash Pump

Koshin KTZ-80S

3″ suction/discharge. 375 gpm. 158 lbs.

2" Hose | 3" Hose

20′ suction, 50′ discharge


One Man Auger

Stihl BT 131 8″ diamater, 28″ Long

36.3 cc. 200 rpm drilling speed. 22 lbs.

Auger Extension



Stihl Pro 261, 20″

50 cc. 16″-20″ guide bar length.


Makita XCU04

Battery Powered. 36V. 16″ Bar.

Pole Saw

Makita LXT

Battery Powered. 36V. 8′ Length. 10″ saw.

Pressure Washer


Honda gas engine. 3.0 gpm. 2500 psi.


Tongue Pull

22′, 16′, 13′, 10′ Length Trailer

Dump Trailers

Bumper Pull

10′, 12′, 14′ Length Trailers


Diesel Welders

Miller Big Blue Pipe Pro 400

Mitsubishi diesel. 400 Amp

Diesel Welders

Lincoln Classic 300MP

Perkins diesel. 300 Amp.

Gas Welders

Miller Bobcat 260

Kohler gas engine. 260 Amp.

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Our Vision

Diamondback Equity Model

The Diamondback team believes that every customer should build equity in longer-term rentals. Every customer should have the opportunity to purchase the equipment which is rented for an extended period of time. The purchase price should take into account the rental expenditures accrued over the life of the rental.

Unlike Diamondback, most national and local rental companies will not automatically set up longer-term rental transactions with a purchase option. No company wants to pay rent on equipment for 2-3-4 years and then be charged full retail purchase price for the equipment.

The Diamondback Equity Model will provide the customer with competitive rental rates along with an aggressive buy-out option for all longer-term rentals.

Specialized Equipment

Specialized equipment can sometimes be difficult to find in a rental fleet. Diamondback works with numerous specialized equipment manufacturers and can provide many options.